Wednesday, March 4, 2009


WEDNESDAY, MARCH 4, 2009 – 54/90 – AT SEA

After and night of rather pleasant rocking and rolling, we awoke to a clear sky and pleasant temperatures. However, by mid-morning, the overcast had returned and it was just cool enough that no one suggested a swim. It is just as well since they closed the pool today. The rocking had a good wave action going the other day, guess it got to bad today.

This is the second of three full days it will take us to get from Guam to Osaka, Japan. Today there are two lecture scheduled, one by each of the teams we are enjoying. At 10:00AM we attend the ”Ring of Fire” and the “Ten Most Dangerous Volcanoes in the World.” They decided to give this lecture after we visited one of the ten in Rabaul.

We then get busy working on arrangements for Shanghai and Inchon and almost miss lunch. Heaven forbid, since it is one of our favorites, fish and shoe string potatoes (chips)! After barely getting to the dining room by the 1:30PM closing, we head off for the 2:00PM lecture by the Webers on the history of Princess Cruises, which got its start in 1965. The rest of the afternoon we relax and read on the balcony or in the room.

The Captain is celebrating the half way mark of the World Cruise with formal night and a cocktail party. As you can see by our count down, we are only a little over a third of the way through our around the world trip, but we gladly join in. Hey, we have survived this far!

Dinner is another one of Carolyn’s favorites with lobster tails and Dick is easily able to make a meal of the halibut. The show tonight is after dinner at 10:00PM and is Piano Man. Carolyn goes and enjoys the music and dancing, Dick goes to bed.
After dinner sing along in Casino Lounge with David Crathorne at the grand piano.

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