Sunday, March 8, 2009


SUNDAY, MARCH 8, 2009 – 59/85 – AT SEA

It is quite cool out today but the sky is clear and the sea day is very welcome! About 8:00AM, we sail by the islands of Tushima where, if Dick’s history is correct, the “Devine Wind” or “Kamikaze” saved the Japanese in a sea battle hundreds of years ago.

There is a port lecture on Inchon and Seoul where we determine our plan for tomorrow.
We got our replacement luggage documents yesterday from the ship, so we spend time filling them out and getting the needed copies made by the purser.

By noon, we are sailing through the many, many islands along the coast of the southern tip of Korea and there is very heavy shipping and fishing traffic.

There is sushi on the buffet on the Lido deck today, so we go upstairs for lunch. Then we go to another lecture on the history of the divided Korea. Somehow we manage to miss the Memerial Service for the lost servicemen that is held on deck.

We both work on the blog and have room service tea. It tastes quite good since it is a chilly day. At 7:00PM we go to yet another cocktail party with the captain. This is number four! It has been a nice day with all the islands and shipping traffic to watch.

The evening entertainment is after dinner so we skip that, but have another nice dinner of turf and surf in the restaurant. We need our strength as we tackle the Seoul subway system!

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