Thursday, March 12, 2009


THURSDAY, MARCH 12, 2009 – 63/81 - AT SEA

We awake to a nasty day at sea. It is cool, somewhat foggy and raining. There are, according to the Captain, 40 knot winds from our port side and the ship is heeling to starboard as a result. They are pumping fuel and water to the port side tanks to offset the list. Other than the list, the motion of the ship is not bothersome.

Carolyn is not feeling well this morning so sleeps late and has a room service breakfast after which she falls asleep again!

By early afternoon, carolyn is feeling much better and we go to the Port Lecture on Hong Kong. We are in dense fog with visibility down to several hundred yards with the foghorn sounding every so often.

The rest of the day passes quietly.

Christie, our head waiter, makes speggitte and sCaesar salad for us again for dinner. We are going to miss all the wondewrful attention we are receiving for the wait staff!

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