Sunday, March 15, 2009


SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2009 – 66/78 – HONG KONG

We finally drag ourselves out from under the covers a little after 9:00AM and we would not have done it then if the breakfast buffet did not close down at 10:30AM. As it is, we are still eating when it does close.

We get some guidance from the concierge as to some of the outlying islands and elect to make a trip over to Cheung Chau Island.This is a densely populated island where many of the people still cling to the old traditions. Our ferry tickets, from Central on Hong Kong, cost us $64HKD ($8.25US) total for one way. The trip takes 30 minutes through the various islands that are all part of Hong Kong. The ferry is packed with locals going to the Island for fun on a Sunday afternoon.

We arrive at 1:30PM and plan to take the 3:00PM ferry back. We stroll along the quayside in the Sunday crowds.Families from the island and from Hong Kong and Kowloon make this a place for an outingand the quayside restaurants are doing a big business.At many of them, you can pick your lunch out of the tanks and have it cooked to order. The smells are deliciousbut the crowds are large and we do have a ferry to catch so we pass on eating. Along the quay and one street behind it.You can buy pretty much anything necessary for life. The dried seafood is pretty to see and interesting to contemplate as to its uses. It must be good because they are selling tons of it as we watch. There are live fish markets also and we see many people buying the very fresh fish.We catch our 3:00PM ferry and head back to Hong Kong and on to Kowloon. We are back in the hotel by 4:00PM and head to the Club Floor for a bite to eat before splitting up to do a bit of shopping in the New World Center, adjacent to the hotel. We reconvene in the room at 7:00PM and head back down to the Club Floor for cocktails and, having learned our lesson last night, dinner!

Back in the room at 8:00PM, we watch the laser/light show again and then work on this blog, read, etc. until bedtime.

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