Thursday, March 26, 2009



This morning is cooler than the last several days. We are up and at breakfast by 8:30. Breakfast at the Peninsula is a leisurely affair and not to be rushed so we take our time and enjoy all the neat treats.

We again do not get going as early as we should, but our plan today is to use our Grand Palace tickets to see the Dusit Palace, Vimamek. This royal residence was built in 1900 for King Rama V after his visit to Europe in 1897. It is an interesting combination of Thai and European styles and is the world’s largest golden teakwood mansion. It has been restored and is used as a museum now. This is a huge complex and has some seven residences built for members of King Rama’s V family that are now used as various museums. The grounds are very quiet; not many other tourist are present and it is easy to walk around. Fortunately, the Mansion has AC so we enjoy the guided visit. By the time we leave, the sun is out in full force. Our taxi had agreed to wait for us and take us to out next site so we have not succumbed to the heat and humidity just yet.

It is nearly noon and the traffic is horrible. Our plan was to visit some of Chinatown, but when we get there, the crowds are terrible. Dick has no desire to wade through a sea of humanity, so I make a quick stop at the India Emporium and find some lightweight pants and shirts, for a total $18US for 6 pieces, to replace some damaged items. This should work until we get to Dubai and the suitcase waiting for us there.We then catch a cab back to the hotel and spend time poolside.

At 3:30PM, SJ Jewelers’ car picks us up to go get the pieces Carolyn had made. We are delighted with the way they turned out. From there we have them take us to the nearest skytrain station and head to the Nana area to pick up the clothes Carolyn ordered and then take them to Dick’s tailor. Dick has a final check of his things and he arranges to have all the clothing mailed home.

It is now definitely cocktail time so we catch the skytrain one last time and head for the hotel. Tonight we repeat the Bar routine of the other night and then adjourn to the Lobby Restaurant where there is some very nice live music. We order a dinner of tempura and rice rolls which is wonderful and eat with chopsticks which is different!.

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