Wednesday, March 25, 2009



We are up early today. Our flight is at 9:55 AM and we need to check in 90 minutes ahead of time. Dara picks us up at 8:00 AM and we do the 15-minute ride to the airport. There is a tour group checking in when we get there and of course, we choose the line served by the slowest person. Once we get our boarding passes, the rest is easy. We now have an hour to kill. Fortunately, the airport is nice, clean and reasonably cool, so the time passes quickly.

The plane arrives and leaves on time and we are landing in Bangkok about 10:45AM. Thankfully, the Peninsula crew is there to greet us and whisk us back to the Hotel. We are treated like returning royalty…..we could really get use to this treatment. We are in our room by 11:30 with all of the luggage back together. This time our room is on the 34th floor (on the floor plan it is next to the one we had the first time). We are next to the Peninsula Suite, which takes up the whole center of the building. It is occupied, as there is a “guard” in front of the suite doors. The view is grand!

We spend some time reorganizing the luggage and getting caught up on the internet before we head out. The jewelers send a car for us about 2:00PM and we leave the new stones so they can be mounted and ready with the other stuff. We have the car drop us at Carolyn’s tailor for a quick fitting and then catch the sky train back to the hotel.

It has been a long day and we are still a bit beat from the heat and not too hungry. We decide to go to the Bar for a drink…great idea. The service is great…they make Dick’s Manhattan the way he likes it and Carolyn tries the Mint Julep. Well we actually have two along with some wonderful nibbles. With a lovely glow, we go to the Lobby for a light supper. It is very good to be back “home!” The night view of the Grand Palace is very nice also.

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