Friday, March 13, 2009


FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2009 – 64/80 - AT SEA

The sky continued overcast this morning but the air is warming as we move south. It looks like we might have a nice day. Today is our final day on this ship and we spend it reading and packing.

Toward evening a line of weather moved across us from the landward side. The promise of sun was only a pipe dream. Most of the day turns out to be fogy. The fog occasionally lifts enough to have a very eerie sighting of a passing freighterAbout 5PM, small funnel clouds try to form and the sky looks rather ominous. The winds shift from almost calm to over 40 knots in just a few moments and the ship goes from sailing on an absolutely flat calm sea. to heeling to port as the wind catches us and the seas begin to build. As dinnertime approached the ship was, once again, rocking and rolling.

By dinnertime, the bags are packed and ready to go out. We got a ½ bottle of Champagne from our agent that is chilled and ready to open for dinner.

It is prime rib baked potatoes and wonderful corn on the cob for dinner. Back at the room, we put out the luggage going back to Brenham. Dicks goes to bed and Carolyn works to get the blog up to date since we will not have any more free internet. Posting the blog will get harder as we travel through Asia and Africa. We are sorry and excited at the same time to leave our wonderful suite on the Tahitian Princess!

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