Tuesday, March 3, 2009


TUESDAY, MARCH 3, 2009 – 53/91 – AT SEA

What a glorious day! The sky is blue with fluffy clouds, the sea is a rich deep blue and the temperature is very pleasant. This is the kind of weather we love on a cruise!

After a nice breakfast, Dick works on the computer in the room and Carolyn goes up stairs to the computer room to read email. We both spend most of the morning working on the computer. We eat in the main dining room as usual having a pasta dish and a chicken dish. We always try the buffet once on every trip thinking we will like it, but never do. We did this time on a port day when we missed lunch and most people were still out on the ship’s tour Even though the buffet wasn’t crowded, we much prefer to be seated and served and not fight carrying plates around, dodging people for the food or hunting for a table and drinks.

After lunch, Carolyn intends to go to the lecture on Japan’s small rooms. We both found the bathrooms in the Japanese hotels wonderful and the bathhouses interesting when we were there in 2005, but the weather is so nice she falls asleep on the balcony reading and misses it. Dick also reads all afternoon.

We go to the pre dinner show with the new comedian. He is much better than the last one and puts on a good show. Dinner is a nice piece of prime rib with potatoes, the wonder Caesar salad and shrimp cocktail.

Once again, the ship is rocking along, which we love so we will have another restful night.

Dinning Room Entrance and Bar

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