Wednesday, February 25, 2009



After falling into bed last night, by 8:00AM we are awake and well rested, ready for a day somewhere in the Coral Sea basin. It is sunny, humid and hot!

This morning Carolyn decides to do a though search of the luggage and stuff. The goal is to get everything we want to send home, souvenirs, travel books, and clothes that we are not using or don’t need any more sorted and ready to ship home when we stop later at Guam. The other reason is to be sure that we haven’t just hidden some little things from ourselves. In the process, she realizes that among the lost travel papers are the passport photos for the visas for the countries where we will get our visas "on arrival", one more thing to take care of while we are on the ship! The saving grace of all the mess with the lost case is that we had two extrenal drives for picture storage. We were using one just as a back up and at some point in New Zealand started carrying it in the camera case. So we still have all our pictures and now have a new replacement drive. Again we have two sets of all the trip pictures!

After lunch, Carolyn goes to a port talk for Rabaul, our next stop. Since it is so hot outside, Dick goes for a swim, but the sun does not appeal to Carolyn, she uses the time to work on the computer.

A new singer is doing the pre dinner show for our seating. He came on board at Cairns. We get a drink and enjoy his performance.

It is Polynesian night tonight, but neither of us is too hungry, Dick has crab pot stickers and coconut scallops and Carolyn has salmon from the “always available” list and we both have a very good macadamia nut mouse.

They are having a western ho down up stairs with the crew, but we are party poopers and head for bed instead!

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