Monday, February 23, 2009


FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2009 - 43/101 - AT SEA

After a sleepless night for Dick, he is up at 5:00AM and on the ship’s computer changing passwords, etc., so no one can access our accounts. By breakfast he is feeling a little better but is still in a blue funk.

Carolyn spends the morning with the purser filling out forms for the insurance. Fortunately we had not really planned much for Brisbane. We were just planning to go into town and ride the Citycat ferry up and down the river. So, we spend the day working up a list of what we need at a minimum to make things work for the rest of the trip.

We also finally get confirmation from South African Airlines that our request for a change of date on our return ticket is done. We will now fly home on June 2nd adding another twelve days to the trip. We are doing the extension because, while at Wildwood cottages in Yallingap, we made arrangements to rent the owner’s Tuscany villa for a week. This is something we have always wanted to do sooo…..

It is still morgue like around our room, but Carolyn hopes things will improve with a trip into town tomorrow.

In spite of all the upset with the lost computer we like what we see on the ship. The Tahitian Princess is very pretty and kind of formal and old fashioned looking which we like. The suite is very nice with a wrap around veranda with loungers and a table and chairs, a living/dining room with half bath, a nice bedroom and a dressing room and bath with a big whirlpool tub.All the staff we have met are great so far. The whole feel of the ship is family-like as everyone is introducing themselves to the 80 or so new comers. We also attend the first lecture in a series on the seafaring history of the area. It is about the first voyage of convict transportation to Australia and it is well done. There are a number of sea days with lectures, so this is very promising.

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