Wednesday, February 4, 2009


FEBRUARY 3, 2009 - 26/106 - FREMANTLE

Carolyn found some fresh peaches at a fruit stand at the gas station on the way to Fremantle yesterday so we have them with some milk provided by the lodging along with our tea and coffee for breakfast. We then head out to find the Big"I" (information) for some information on the ferries to Perth.

The information center is in the main square so we walk around checking out the church and the old town hall before going up to Fremantle Prison, with its sturdy, forbidding gate-house and limestone cell blocks. It was built by convicts in 1855 and served as a prison until 1991. The housing for the warden and staff is as nice as the prison is stark.

It is now officially HOT so we find a grocery and pick up some fruit and lunch makings. We check out the South Beach, a really nice park with a nice beach, for later and head back to the condo for a while. While at the beach, we see a whole big bus load of school children with their teachers in a roped off area of the ocean apparently having swimming lessons. The kids are divided into groups by age and each group has on a different colored swimming cap! They seem very well behaved. Back at the condo, during the heat of the day we work on email and plan our trip over to Perth tomorrow on the Ferry.

About 4pm we get out again and walk around Bathers Beach (you can see the condos in the distance) to the Round House, built in 1830 and used as a goal. It is Fremantle’s oldest building.

Under the Round House which sits on a limestone bluff is the Whalers Tunnel, dug about 1837 so the whalers could easily get their goods to High Street from the wharf.
We then walk around in the old section of town exploring the beautiful Victorian architecture. On the way back to the quay, Carolyn finds a nice jewelry store and gets a lesson on Australia’s south sea pearls. Another item is now added to the must have souvenir list!
Throughly hot again, we head back over to South Beach and play in the water. The wave action has really picked up from this morning and it is fun. There are lots of people swimming and otherwise enjoying the park.

Back at the condo we cook in tonight and just relax.

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