Monday, February 2, 2009



After a good night’s sleep, we are out and about before 10:00AM. It is a Sunday and, while things are open, they mostly do not open until 10:00AM. Speaking of Sunday, we have decided that Australia, as well as New Zealand, has given up on organized religion. Outside of the church in the center of town, usually built shortly after the town was founded, you simply do not see churches or other houses of worship.

This Sunday, we first go to Smith’s Beach, about three km from the cottage. We can see this area from the porch at the cottage. We find a lot of people at the beach, also in the stores and exploring the wineries. The day has the feel of a Saturday, not a Sunday.
We visit several art galleries but do not find anything we cannot live without. We buy a loaf of bread from a wood fired bakery, three bottles of wine at two different wineries and check out others for the possibility of lunch. While several of them are serving lunches in beautiful settings, the dining is all open air and the temperature is in the high 80s; much too warm for us to sit out and be able to enjoy our food.
We finally end up in the town of Margaret River where we buy two kebobs at Kappadokia Turkish Kebaba. We were thinking shishkabobs when we read about the place but the offering turns out to be a variation of the gyro sandwiches we have enjoyed in Europe. It is basically a spiced meat, beef, lamp or chicken, chopped up, grilled and served on a round, thick piece of flatbread which is rolled around the meat with onion, lettuce and tomato. It is so hot that it literally cooks the onion in the bread! Delicious, especially Dick’s combination that includes some of all three meat offerings.

We also stop at a grocery to pick up a few things for the next few days, gas up the car and make a final stop at Olieo Bello to purchase some of their specialty olive oil. We arrive back at "Honeybee Cottage" about 4:00PM and finish our movie. A little after 6:00PM we make the short drive over to Smith Beach to take a swim in the Indian Ocean. The sand is white, the water is blue/green, clean and clear. We have seen such pretty water all along the Australian coast. I think we may turn in our brown, Texas coastal beaches and water and apply for replacement with the Australian/New Zealand variety.

After our giant gyro sandwiches and late lunch, dinner is fruit, cheese, bread, olive oil and a little white wine. A pleasant end to a very nice day. Oh, yes, we see the Kangaroos again in the same place as last night.

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