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FEBRUARY 16, 2009 - 39/93 - KANGAROO ISLAND (DAY 2)

At 8:15AM Peter knocks on our door carrying a lovely breakfast and at 9:00AM Malcolm brings the land cruiser around. Our first stop is Pennington Bay, a nice bay not far from The Outlook. It faces on the Southern Ocean, but the water is not rough so it is good for swimming. We then drive over to the Little Sahara, a collection of high sand dunes that look every bit like a desert. We climb the first dune, only to see two more, taller ones. Carolyn stops at this point but Dick is game for the next dune. He gets about two thirds of the way up and chickens out. Seems as how it has a crest like a wave and he figures he might just go swimming in the sand if he continues. Dick is the tiny black spot in spot in the middle of the picture near the top of the tall dune. Back at the car we shake the sand out of our shoes and head to Vivonne Bay for morning tea!

It is still a bit over cast, but the sand is white and the water very blue. This is a safe anchorage for a number of fishing boats, but most are out to sea this morning. While Malcolm sets up tea, Carolyn can’t resist the call of the beach and goes shelling.

The next stop is The Remarkable Rocks in Flinders Chase Park. This is a granite outcropping right on the edge of the ocean. Nature’s hand has created a very impressive massive sculpture! Parts of it look like the setting for The Flintstones.
The sun is coming out in force now which is great since our next stop in the park is Cape du Couedic for the 1909 lighthouse and Admiralty Arch.
The area around the Arch is home to a large colony of New Zealand Fur Seals. After a long walk down a board walk, that seems to go right off the cliff face into the ocean, then a trip down a number of steps, (Carolyn doesn’t want to know how many since she will have to climb up them again) we see the prize, the arch! The is a spectacular rock arch that forms the tip of the Cape. The ocean's wave action has formed a shallow pool under the arch and the fur seals use it as their own private swimming pool. We spend a long time watching them play in the shallow, clear water. Walking back up to the car we see a Black Tiger snake, one of the two, very deadly, Australian snakes.Malcolm drops us at the Flinders Chase Visitor’s center to check out the little interpretive center while he sets up lunch in the picnic area. Again we have a very nice lunch with wine offered, but Dick passes as he had a hard time staying awake after indulging yesterday! The birds, brightly colored parrots, are raising cane in the trees as we eat.

Now it is time to see what we really came for...Kangaroos and Koalas. We drive back over to the Hanson Bay Sanctuary area to a place called Koala Walk. As we stroll down an old lane bordered on both sides by Eucalyptus trees we spot at least seven koalas up in the forks of the trees. Then Malcolm takes us out into an orchard like area of Eucalyptus trees and we see a mother and her cub and then a mating pair!
A little further down the road is a 1900's old homestead that has been turned over to the government. It is open to guides with four wheel drive cars and to others for hiking. We drive down a very rough road and park under some trees. Malcolm guides us on a walk around the edge of a large open area. As we walk, looking for kangaroos, he gives us some history of the property and points out interesting plant and bird life. We really enjoy this walk, seeing many kangaroos. They watch us very closely, but most stay put and we get our fill of pictures. It has been another great day! Back at The Outlook, Peter has another good meal ready for us. What a wonderful way to end our time exploring Australia.

Carolyn read a lot of conflicting reports on going to Kangaroo Island as she planned this trip. We both agree that Kangaroo Island is a must if you want to see great wild life outside of the zoos and great scenery too! Of all the nice, cottage B&B’s we have stayed in, The Outlook is the best! There has been great attention to detail both in the touring and the accommodations. The hosts are first rate and it has been a pleasure meet them.

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blair4990 said...

I am so enjoying your blog. I am reading several blogs of round the world cruises. Yours is so different. How did you find these wonderful B&Bs? They seem to be amazing and how fun for you. I also love your pictures. They are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing.