Tuesday, February 24, 2009


MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2009 – 46/98 – AT SEA

A lazy day at sea……we get down to breakfast about 8:45am then go to the lounge to hear a very good talk on Captain Bligh. The Great Barrier Reef Pilot is a very good speaker and must love seafaring history!

Back in the room before lunch Dick works on the computer getting everything back up to date. After lunch Carolyn works on the pictures and gets mostly caught up on the Blog. Fortunately we had two drives and were backing up pictures on both. We had one in the computer case with the computer, but the other was in the camera case! So we were lucky in that we haven't lost the pictures.

It has been rainy most of the last two days at sea, so we haven’t been swimming or out and about much, but hopefully the weather will improve for our day in Cains tomorrow and the reef trip.

The evening show for second seating diner is at 6:45PM. It is a double act…a singer, Drew Ashley and a comedian, Don Ware. They preformed the first night when we were in such a tizzy. At dinner that night everyone was raving about the acts, so we go for this show. They really are very good!

We have a nice dinner; Dick has escargot, French onion soup, Caesar salad and frogs legs: Carolyn has shrimp cocktail, French onion soup, Caesar salad and a steak. We like the show before diner. You are not falling asleep while trying to enjoy the entrainment. There is still music and dancing after diner if we want it, but it is off the bed for us. We have an early call for the reef trip tomorrow!

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