Wednesday, February 4, 2009



Well, it is moving day again. We get a leisurely start after a nice breakfast on the porch. The first thing we do is talk to the manager about the owner’s place in Tuscany. The owner had given us a flyer on the villa the day we got here. She asked about our plans and one thing lead to another. Anyway they own a small villa that they rent out in the countryside in a part of Italy where we have always wanted to spend a week. We may now have a plan for the last part of the trip. If the villa is as nice as the cottage, it will be great. The pictures look good anyway, so we put on a tentative hold until we can think about it some more.

Next we go back over to the beach. There is a walk out onto the Canal rocks that we want to do. It is a beautiful morning, but we can already tell it is going to be very hot today. The rocks are really neat. Canals have been eroded into the rocks and there is a bridge walkway connecting the sections. Several locals befriend us and we spend some time talking to them. This is not the first time this has happened. They are all interested in why we came to Western Australia for"holiday." Apparently they do not get that many visitors from the US. A couple of them are eager to tell us their immigration history. Two came from Germany in the late 50's or early 60's and two came from England many years ago. It was interesting to hear their stories.
Next we drive over to Cape Naturaliste, a point of land about 25km up the road. I have said it before, but again I think this water is just beautiful! After checking out the lighthouse on the cape, we go to Bunker Beach. It is really more like a small cove and is gorgeous with an arc of rocky out-croppings going out into the water with a white sandbeach and turquoise water! I wish we had found this spot earlier; what a great place to swim and snorkel!OK, it is now after noon and we have gone all of 30km! So, we hit the road heading up the coast to Fremantle. It is an easy 3-plus hour drive through some built up areas. We get to our home for the next three nights, Harbor Apartments on the Quay, about 4PM. The location is great, on a finger of land between the pleasure boat harbor and the fishing harbor. We have a three-bedroom two bath condo overlooking a fleet of million dollar pleasure boats!

After unloading, getting things set up and cranking down the AC, we walk to the head of the quay and pick one of the several fish houses for a seafood dinner. It has been very hot and sunny today, but as the sun goes down the breeze picks up and things cool down very fast. So we enjoy our open air seafood dinner on the dock.
Tomorrow we explore Fremantle.

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