Thursday, May 7, 2009



Well, despite the deadlights and the Captain’s forecast, the seas are not as rough as the previous night and by 3:00AM, there is little motion to the ship at all. We arrive in Mykonos on time and dock at a facility built since we were here in 1984. The sun is out and it is a pretty, but windy day. Last time, the ship anchored off shore and we tendered into the small harbor at the center of town. This time we are two plus miles from town at the dock built to handle the cruise ship traffic some 13 years ago.

The shuttle bus starts running at 9:00AM and we are on the first bus. It drops us about ¼ mile from the main quayside part of town. About the time that we reach the taxi stand, Dick realizes that he has failed to retrieve his wallet and money clip from the safe in our room. Carolyn has frequently asked, much to his displeasure, if he has his wallet and money. This time he failed to get it from the safe and she failed to ask. Multiple failures cause plane crashes.

We hire a taxi for €50 ($66US) to take us back to the ship for the money and then to give us a one-hour tour of the island. There is not much to see on the island except for the pretty, white houses with their colorful doors and windows,several small beach resorts and a small monastery in a village in the center of the island.The island is much different than we remember from 1984. It is very touristy with one jewelry store and T-Shirt shop or mopped rental place after another. The Royal Caribbean ship “Splendour of the Seas” is in port. She towers over us and carries several thousand passengers. We cannot imagine what it would be like to have three or four ships this size in port at the same time.

After a brief tour of the small island, including a trip to a small beach where the locals go to get away from the tourists, we head back into the main town. Our driver makes several stops at good photo spotsand then drops us above an area called “Little Venice.” This is an area of waterfront homes belonging to the sea captains of days gone by and is in the old part of town where the windmills that used to grind wheat still stand. We wander through this area, exploring back alleys,interesting old churches and examining the wares of the shops. We finally make our way back to the main quayside area and do some more exploring. Dick has had enough and WCs are in short supply so he catches the 12:30PM shuttle bus back to the ship. Carolyn stays for another hour and returns on the 1:30PM shuttle, just in time to go to lunch in the dining room. We spend the afternoon working on this blog, selecting pictures and watching “The Bucket List;” one very good movie.

The ship sails about 5:15PM and the Captain says that we should have smooth sailing to our next port, Velos, Greece. About 6:00PM, we are in our favorite late afternoon spot, the hot tub on the front deck watching the Greek Isles drift by!

Back in the room, Dick orders caviar and wine from room service. Then we “vege” out completely with dinner from room service also! We watch the sun set over the bow of the ship from our windows while we eat. It has been a good day!

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