Sunday, May 3, 2009



Dick is up early and sends our daughter a birthday greetings email as this is her 35th birthday. That seems hard to believe!

The morning is sunny and the sea has a moderate swell to it. Several times during the night, the ship pitched and rolled pretty well, but now it is the motion of a ship at sea. We are heading NE toward Marmaris, Turkey.

Dick goes for a round of trivia at noon and his team comes in first in a three-way tie for that position. He now owns another Seabourn key fob. Jack has a party with the staffs help!

We are beginning to think about our time in Europe that starts in less than two weeks. We get out the maps and guide books for Europe and do a little planning. It appears that it is roughly 800KM from Frankfurt to our house in Tuscany and the GPS says the drive will take about ten hours. That is just 50MPH and we bet it will take less time than that since there appear to be freeways all the way. We are debating whether to drive the direct route through Switzerland or to cut over to Innsbruck and cross over the Brenner Pass between Austria and Italy. We are also thinking about spending the first night after we leave the villa in Florence instead of doing a day trip. We email our American Express agent that did the big city hotels for us to check on a couple for us.

The hot tub calls us about 6:00. It is cool outside and the water is hot so it feels very nice. It is another formal night and the first one on this segment. We have found the dining room really has a hard time giving good service on formal nights so we opt to have dinner in the room and watch a movie, Flags of our Fathers. The waiter serves us course by course and it turns out to be a very pleasant night. The ship tends to be very dressy at night and it is fun to just chill out!

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