Tuesday, May 5, 2009



We arrived at Rhodes, Greece at 7:00AM after covering all of 20KM during the night. Today we get an earlier start. We have been to Rhodes before and enjoyed the Old Town. This time, we find a taxi to take us out to the medieval town of Lindos, with its two small harbors and pretty beaches, for a view of the Lindian Acropolis. According to the Iliad, the Dorians built this hilltop stronghold four hundred feet above the sea. The 4th century BC Doric Temple of Athena Lindia, a Byzantine church and the remains of the castle-citadel of the Knights of St John are all nestled behind the walls. It is a 20-minute climb and a number of steep steps up hill to reach the walls so we just will take some pictures! The driver also agrees to show us some sights in Rhodes City: the quaint old harbor with its windmills, the Temple of Apollo, the ancient stadium and the panoramic view of Rhodes City from Mount Smith.The taxis on the island are not competitive and have prices posted. In addition, they are proud of their work. Anyway, for €120 or $160US we get what we want. The ship’s tour was the same price, but it didn’t allow time in Lindos or drop the people back at the city gate up at the Palace of the Grand Masters in Old Town. Therefore, just maybe, it was worth the price not to try to wander around without a good map and not have to deal with parking etc. We wonder what a small rent car would have cost but it is Sunday morning and the car rental agencies are not open when we leave.

We are back at the Old Walled City by 12:00PM and spend the next three hours wandering through its maze of streets with church ruins, nice little plazas with places to eat and the gathering crowds of tourists. Or, at least Carolyn does. She is jewelry shopping and Dick leaves it with her and heads back to the ship and a cold beer about 2:00PM. Carolyn shows up at 3:00PM empty handed having decided that Rhodes is too expensive at the beginning of the tourist season. We spend the rest of the afternoon napping and enjoying the hot tub. We usually have it to ourselves and it is a very pleasant to be out on the front deck. Tonight we have reservations at “2” again. It is a pleasant evening so we again eat outside and watch the sunset as we sail between Turkey and Rhodes. The menu is a “Tasting” menu of 11 items. Again, Dick likes everything and Carolyn enjoys most of it. Some of the “tastings” have an Asian flare and one has soy so they leave that off her plate. Over all the dinner is nice though the service is slow. The wind begins to kick up as we leave and by the time we go to bed the sea is moving again.

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