Friday, May 8, 2009



The day is clear and sunny with only a few white clouds. The wind and the sea are calm. We sleep in and go for a late breakfast in the dining room. Back in the suite, we pack and get things organized for the last leg of our trip.

At 2:00PM, we pick up our pilot along with another ship and enter the Dardanelles or the Hellespont as the Greeks call it. To our left are the Gallipoli Peninsula and the site of the WWI battle. There are several large memorials that show evidence of many tour buses and hoards of visitors. On the Asian side, we see at least one of the Turkish coastal defense positions from 1915. It shows clear evidence of British Naval gunfire.At several points, as we sail through the passage, we see old Turkish forts. The countryside is very green and we can see fields of wild flowers.

It is a pleasant afternoon, Dick reads and watches the shoreline; Carolyn sits on the balcony, enjoys a room service lunch and reads. There is another pretty sunset tonight as we enjoy a cocktail in the lounge. We eat in the main restaurant tonight and the service is good. Back at the room, we set out the luggage and call it a day.

It is hard to leave this wonderful cocoon of a ship, but our adventure continues. It is truly hard to believe this is the last leg. Tomorrow Istanbul! We have not been here in 25 years!
We are not sure of our ability to post on this blog once we leave the ship. We will post as often as we can but for those of you reading it please expect delays. We will continue to write daily and post as we can. It may be after June 2nd before we actually get the final posts uploaded.

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