Tuesday, May 26, 2009


FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2009 – 127/18 – CANTALENA, ITALY

We agreed to sleep in this morning but Dick is up by 8:00AM to work on this blog, have a peaceful, unhurried cup of coffee or three and a nice early morning walk.Our host provides finely ground coffee and instant coffee. Dick finds a small espresso pot and starts his coffee here but it only made half a cup at a time. It will be good to get home to his Krups Espresso machine that makes a large mug full and his spill-proof insulated mug. Ah, the little pleasures in life.

Carolyn sleeps in until 10:00AM. By the time she gets up, the sky has clouded over and it is showering. We have a light breakfast, Carolyn snaps a mess of green beans and puts them on to cook and Dick completes the blog to this point. We are not sure when this will get posted but at least it is written. It is now nearly noon.

We read for a while and have a late lunch about 3:00PM. After lunch, the rain stops and the sky clears. We decide to go down the mountain to the store and pick up a couple more items. There goes another €48 ($65US). Back at the villa, it has turned very cool so Dick starts a fire and Carolyn gets some chicken started.After a meal of one of our old favorites, chicken and rice, we walk along the little road between the various “villas” and enjoy the wonderful sunset. We have this unique place all to ourselves.

CasaLena is really in a little farm community, CantaLena Alta.The buildings date to the 1820’s.Six houses are restored and used as weekend/vacation homes. In addition, there are several buildings probably past saving. One of these is a stable with a home above it. These buildings run along both sides a little lane just wide enough for a small car or wagon. We feel like we have stepped back in time walking around in the twilight!
The night is now on the cold side and the fire is doing very nicely. We read and make plans for tomorrow until the fire burns out.

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