Sunday, April 19, 2009



With the ship visible out the window signaling the end to the hardest part of our journey, we “sleep in”. The club lounge has a free breakfast so we go there to eat and then pack up our luggage for the last time for over three weeks.
Dick goes in search of AAA batteries for our reading lights. These little lights have been one of the best things we brought; the lighting in the African hotels is the pits! Carolyn works on the blog most of the morning.

We have arranged for a late check out and a hotel car to the ship. Therefore, about 2:00PM we check out and head to the ship. Seems as if many of the guests are arriving with us, but their boarding system is wonderful. A porter is waiting when the car stops and takes charge of our luggage. We go through the normal security checks and are escorted to the ship and the main lounge where we are served cold drinks and sandwiches while we wait our turn to be checked in…very nice. It takes maybe 20 minutes tops and we are on our way to our suite. We are suite #1 at the front of the ship. The living room windows face forward with a small balcony with a table and two chairs on the starboard side off our bedroom.There is deck area on the front of the ship accessible just around the corner from our door. There is a hot tub on this deck with some nice loungers.

Our shipped luggage is waiting on the bed so Carolyn unpacks. Our Cabin stewardess shows up and greets us with salmon and champagne. There is the standard lifeboat drill about 4:30 and then we explore the ship. Three lounges and three eating areas look very nice and comfortable.

We go out on the front deck, right off our cabin, for sailaway at 5:00PM.The QEII is docked ahead of us. She looks very sad as we sail by her.Behind us is the Dubai. I wonder who she belongs too? Back in the cabin, our other luggage has arrived so Carolyn finishes unpacking while Dick figures out dinner plans. The main dining room serves from 7 to 9 and is open seating like the Vistafjord, the first ship we ever sailed on. We have an invitation to sit at the cruise director’s hosted table tonight, but the menu in the alternate restaurant “2” sounds wonderful…surf and turf so we decide to go that route and get 7:30 reservations.

Our cabin is stocked with our favorite cocktail makings so we enjoy a drink while we dress for dinner. Dinner is in a small eating area on deck 7 aft with both inside and outside seating. We have been hot for over a month now so opt for the AC, while most guests seem to go outside. The dinner is wonderful! We “lick our plates” it tastes so “normal” and good! Three glasses of wine leave us mellow and sleepy. What a great start to the fifth segment of our journey!

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