Saturday, April 4, 2009


THURSDAY, APRIL 2, 2009 – 84/60 – CAPE TOWN

Dick is up at dawn today, sits out on the veranda watching the sun come up and reading. Carolyn sleeps in until Dick can’t wait another minute for his coffee. We have a nice breakfast on the pool deck of the hotel. The hotel is really an inn. It is very nice except for the fact the only part that has AC is the bedrooms!. It is sunny and hot by 9AM with the high expected to be 33C today. We soon learn that much of Cape Town has no AC. This reminds us of the North Eastern US twenty years ago when they didn’t have AC a lot of places. This will take gerting use to!

We spend the morning getting caught up on important things like money, email and laundry. About 2PM we get out to run some errands. There is a cleaners near by, so we take the vests we have been wearing on the planes to be cleaned and Carolyn takes a pair of her glasses to a place down the street to be repaired. We then head over to the water front area. There is a huge Mall right on the V & A Waterfront with all kinds of places to eat. We pick a fish and chips place for lunch, sit outside and enjoy watching the harbor cruises come and go.

Dick finds a barber shop in the mall and gets a great hair cut for about $12US. While he is doing that Carolyn explores. We then go back to the hotel and pick up the cameras and go up to Signal Mountain for a view of the city and Table Mountain, we miss the turn so we get a tour of Champs Bay also.

Cape Town looks like the razor wire capital od the world! We notice, as we are driving around, that all most all business have “security guards” sitting in their parking lots. Some buildings and most homes are behind tall fences with razor wire or other sharp material and electric wire around the top. There are tons of signs for "ADT armed response" plastered on the fences and gates. The hotel is very careful about keeping the gates closed at all times, in fact guests have to ring a bell to get in. We are assured by the hotel staff that we are safe during the day, but the reality of the neighborhood seems to be very different!

The travel and the strange food finally catches up with Carolyn this evening so Dick goes to find something for take away. This also seems to be a foreign idea, since he comes back to the hotel with salad, steak and a baked potato on the eatery’s china with the understanding that he will bring the china back the next day! We enjoy the dinner in the veranda watching the lights of Cape Town come on.

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