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Sea day number five today; yesterday got a little long. By the early morning hours, we were well into the Red Sea. Hopefully, the pirate threat is now a memory. We awake to clear but hazy skies, calm winds and the promise of increasing heat and humidity.

There is an enrichment lecture on “Pirates: Then and Now” which clearly points out the reason the Somali pirates are getting away with their depredations. Did you know that, by international treaty, it is illegal for merchant vessels to carry arms? What idiots came up with that agreement? To solve the pirate problem, allow those ships that choose to carry arms do so and allow the summary execution of any pirates caught in the act of piracy. It would not take more than a month to solve the pirate problem!

Last night we got a “how are we doing, is there anything we can do better” letter to be filled in and turned in today. Dick fills up the back side with the “2” reservation problems, the fact that in three tries they haven’t been able to get our room cooler than 75 degrees with no lights on and the curtains drawn and the poor service in the dining room. In all fairness, he lists all the things we love about the ship too, but to be a top of the line ship and in a suite to boot, we should not have mass-market ship problems. We will see if anyone reads it.

Dick’s team has narrowly regained the lead in the seven-day trivia tournament. After trivia, we go to the outdoor grill for a hamburger and visit with the couple from Naples, FL, with whom we visited several nights ago. They offered us some seats out of the sun. The sun is brutal today.

The cabin’s balcony is in the shade with a pleasant breeze this afternoon so Carolyn reads and naps the afternoon away, till tea time in the Sky louge anyway!.Dick watches part of a movie on TV and listens to his book on tape. Before we go to dinner, Carolyn also turns in a letter to the hotel manager explaining that we would like to have the AC fixed so we are to able to have some light in the suite without burning up and have it cool enough to sleep well at night.

We try going to dinner a little later tonight in hopes of getting a different table. We are seated at table #34 almost every time we have asked for a table for two. It is right by a serving station and very noisy. Well, tonight the dining room is still empty when we get there at 8PM and guess what we are given #34 again. Well, there is some mutiny in the ranks as we walk over to the table…we get different table! We are given a very nice one at the back of the room so we can see everyone and #34 is never occupied, even though the dining room fills up!

Again, we have some problems with the service, but the overall meal is good: spring rolls, a fancy mushroom soup for Dick, a great flavored “mac and cheese” dish for Carolyn and lamb chops for the main course. We asked for medium-rare lamb, Dick’s three are OK at medium, but two of Carolyn’s are well done. The waiter asks how the dish is and we tell him. We have waited a long while for the courses tonight and it is not worth waiting some more. This upsets the wait staff, but Carolyn has had plenty to eat and we are ready to move on.

Back in the cabin, Tammy has Jack playing hide and seek. She had set him up at the computer typing the blog this morning.
We are really enjoying her antics with Jack.
Main Staircase

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