Sunday, April 19, 2009


SATURDAY, APRIL 18, 2009 – 100/45 – AT SEA, GULF OF OMAN

Sea day number two. Sunrise was at 4:45AM and Dick was up and out the door at 5:00AM to do laundry. If he had been one minute later, he would have been out of luck as a woman walked in as he was preparing to load both washers. Gentleman that he is, he gave her one washer dryer set and he took the other. Since there were both whites and coloreds to do, this extended the wash time to over an hour but she was happy and he had nothing better to do, as Carolyn was still sleeping.

We have breakfast in the dining room again and are one of two couples there a 9:30AM. We finish just in time to go to the port lecture and then a lecture on the “Three Tenors” given by one of the men at our table last night. He has an entertaining presentation on the three men.

Dick goes to play trivia and Carolyn goes to the room to work on the blog. We are still behind with the posting…too many things keep interfering! Walking into the bedroom, Carolyn sees Jack’s clothes, but no Jack. She looks around in all the suspect places, under the bed etc., but no Jack! It turns out Tammy has fixed Jack up in the bath with rose petals, bath soaps and a shower cap to keep his fur dry! Too funny! When Dick comes in he also notices Jack’s clothes and hunts for him, as Carolyn does not say a thing. Dick absolutely howls when he finds our travel buddy. Tammy gave us a great laugh!

Another room service lunch, of pizza this time, and a movie and the afternoon is shot! We spend sometime in the hot tub on the deck outside our cabin again enjoying the sunset and then go for an early dinner at seven. The chefs menu does not appeal to us, so we order from the classic menu: shrimp cocktail, caesar salad, and angel hair pasta with basil sauce for Carolyn and seared scallops, caesar salad and lamb chops for Dick. Chocolate mousse cake and ice cream finish off a pleasant meal.

Back in the cabin there is an announcement on what the procedures are for the next several days as we transit the pirate-infested waters between Yemen and Somalia in the Gulf of Aden. The ship will be blacked out (“cloaked”) from midnight tonight through tomorrow night. By Monday evening, we should have made the turn up into the Red Sea and should be clear of the danger.

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