Wednesday, January 28, 2009


JANUARY 28, 2009 - 20/112 - CAPE HOWE

Wow, what a good night’s sleep! It is so quite! We wake up to a cool misty morning and are in no rush. Carolyn fixes breakfast and we plan our day. But first we take time to watch a pair of Little Eagles messing in some bushy trees not far from our porch.

Today we go over to Denmark and explore the little village. It is the home of many crafts-people and several bakeries. Carolyn picks the one that seems to have the most business and buys some pastries. Then we drive the Scotsdale Road, a very scenic road up in the hills west of Denmark. There are many little galleries and wineries along this road. Carolyn is looking for a white wine. Based on the look of the entrance, we stop at Harewood Estate winery and taste their Gewurztraminer. It is very good so we buy a bottle and then head to the Cheese Factory for a cheese tasting. What wonderful cheeses and how cool to be able to sample them all! We buy some Golden Hill Cheddar for tonight’s potatoes, Willson’s Fetta with garlic, onion and chives for the salad and some Scotsdale with chives and garlic to enjoy with the wine. They also have fudge that is to die for so we get some of that too!

It is now time for our picnic lunch so we head to the Green Pools. This is a really nice swimming hole on the beach. It is formed by rocky out croppings that act like a reef and form a series of pools between the ocean and the sandy beach. It is a little cool for us to swim but it is a nice place to enjoy our lunch.
We head back to the cottage, relax and enjoy a nice steak dinner and some of the treats we bought today. In fact we are going to have to go back to the Cheese Factory as we ate all the Scotsdale!

It is going to be hard to leave....

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