Wednesday, January 21, 2009


JANUARY 21, 2009 - (13/119) - CHRISTCHURCH

Last night was a night of recovery from our long drives of the last few days. That is good because again this morning Dick is having a computer malfunction and he spends till about noon working to get it going more or less!

After a mid-morning breakfast in our rooms, we head to a home supplies store to replace a piece of luggage that is giving us trouble. Once that is done, we head downtown to the city center. We first spot at the Art Center with is in a Gothic building that was a College for 100 years. It now houses the Arts Center. There are craft people doing exhibitions, art exhibits and a nice store in different buildings set among various courtyards.

Then we head for the Cathedral Square. The place is crowded with a noon-time crowd as there is a crafts market going on and buskers are putting on their acts in hopes of payments from the observers. We purchase a combined ticket for a punt ride on the Avon River which flows through town and a pass on the tram that circles the center of the city.

The punt ride is pleasant with new varieties of ducks in the stream, the water flowing clean and clear over the rocks in the shallow stream and a friendly young man at the pole in the stern. The tram gives us a view of many of the main sites in the downtown area. We particularly notice the beautiful flowers planted in designs in public beds in the many small park areas and again the very well maintained Victorian buildings.
We get off the tram at the Station stop near the Cathedral Square and walk back to Regent Street, a neat street of Spanish styled architecture built in the early 1900's as the first mall street in Christchurch. It is now home to cafes and Galleries. Again we pick up lunch and tomorrow’s breakfast from a cafĂ© with a nice take out selection. We head back to the apartment for lunch and to get things organized for the next leg of our journey.

The computer is continuing to defeat Dick. We get some pizza and call it a night.

Tomorrow on to Sydney, Australia!

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