Thursday, January 22, 2009



This is a day of travel so not much to report. Our flight is at 3:45 so we are in no rush in the morning. We find, on the third try, a NZ postoffice where we can buy some packaging materials and mail some small stuff home. Once that is done, we drive out to the port of Lyttleton, around Governors Bay and over The Summit which gives us a fine view of Christchurch. We then have lunch in a park and head for the airport.
We are flying Air New Zealand for the third time and are once again impressed with their service. We have about an hour and a half before flight time so we go to the Business Lounge which has to be the nicest we have seen. There is a big spread of fresh food items, very nice comfortable seating, and even showers if needed. Dick messes with the iPhone and I send time on the computer getting some details for later in the trip worked out.

The flight leaves on time. It is a blue bird day so we are treated to a spectacular view of New Zealand from coast to coast including a great view of Mt Cook and the lakes we had driven by two days ago and the West Coast where we were seven days ago.

They serve a nice steak dinner on the plane and we arrive in Sydney, a little early, about 5:30; 7:30 New Zealand time. We take a taxi to the Marriott Sydney Harbor. Checking in we find we have been upgraded to a suite with a view of the Harbor! After getting settled in, we go for a walk around the Rocks area and check out some of the ferry routes for tomorrow’s exploring. After getting an ice cream cone we head back to the room and call it a day.

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